Omar Hazek: ‘This is the Bond I Have With Prison’


Hazek’s December 2014 message from prison, “A Christmas tree in my cell,” has been newly translated by his sister, Zahraa Abd Al Aziz:

Omar Hazek Omar Hazek

Hazek, a novelist and poet, has written numerous letters from prison since being sentenced by an Alexandria court to a two-year term and a 50,000EGP fine, ostensibly for protesting “without a permit.”

Louisa Loveluck wrote a profile of Hazek last December, around the time Hazek was writing this:

A Christmas Tree in My Cell

It suddenly dawned upon me that we have become friends: prison and me. Those who have not been jailed might laugh at this idea. Those who have not spent the broiling heat of August or the freezing cold of January in prison will never understand how one could establish a relationship with a place where I have almost died of heat and humidity; squeezed in a crammed cell packed with the poor…

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