My Summer Cries !!  

In these beautiful endless summer nights,

Long sleepless thoughts hit me,

The sky high above me,

Clouds up like colorful swarm of bees,

But I wonder deep,

What it would be for some, who see,

Dark grey clouds lighted up like bright sun even on hectic nights,

Colors of firecrackers that’s what I hoped,

But that’s not what you see,

Instead its chemical bombs and tankers blocking streets,

For me a power cut is a surprise,

But for them electricity itself is a dream,

It pains,

It hurts,

Am I happy to be blessed or am I too sorry,

I wish to open my arms but I’m tied,

I’m not happy to see happy summers,

Because they are not with me,

Either they are in paradise, trapped in cages like animals, harassed or abused,

They are not with me!

I’m prepared to to walk to the end,

My heart is something no one or no thing can bury,

I wish I could carry some of your burden and make you free,

But again then, iam sorry ,

My despaired heartaches,

Forgive me if you can ,

My children of Palestine ,

I’m shattered with guilt into pieces,

Your injustice will one day be heard,

I pray I pray I pray!!

We live among predators,

Its hard to deny,

My sons one day,

In sh Allah you will be free from great lands to deep seas!!


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