From an age of back a many hundred years India carries a strong unshakeable bond with regards to its political ties, culture, tradition, cuisine, and national level sports and most importantly, the nexus with teledrama is one of the HIGHLIGHTED  aspects of the television cultural industry which aims at women. This article is to highlight Indian teledramas of ‘soap opera’ and movies and the influence on family and the society with respect to spread of the television, dubbing, telecasting time, advertising strategies, liberal market, the social class represented by the soap operas, promotional strategies and local teledrama production.

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” as Shakespeare quoted we can now experience that today drama is used as a mere tool, to word emotions and give meanings and actions  to unexpressed words. Young , old, children , adults timeless parents are all forced in as target audience for these serials which is much a tragedy and a drama itself.

Unfortunately what cracks my head is the consequences that are being followed, the actual reality are way more disastrous and the social stability and structure is being torn away, piece by piece. The imbalance within the society and the right to make decisions are all influenced by some other sources rather than a duty of a citizen who chooses with his intellect.

The early morning online paper reads about an Indian woman who kills her baby because the baby was a GIRL! In this world of technology where men and women least matter, being born a girl or boy does it even matter? It would only matter if it was a machine but, No! it was a human afterall.

Then there’s the case of the daughter in law who gets caught to mother in law while squatting passing out in the tea to revenge from her husband’s parents.

Then the recent shooting case of 20 so called sandalwood smugglers from Tamil Nadu who were hunted down by the police as if they chickens. Well, it sounds like an action movie where the police himself is the judge and acts as the executioner of his own verdict. However the escaped victims carry a different story and position which makes it undeniably evident of the illegal acts of the officers incharge.

India, being South Asia’s pillar, hold an international position which holds the 7th rank of most powerful economy consequently and third largest by purchasing power parity and also includes world class wealthish men. But it’s the internal matters that concerns me most. The rate of poverty, increasing insecurity, unhealthy healthcares, increase of severe crimes such as rape, murder theft kidnapping etc enhances my curiosity to go deeper into the roots.

An economically well stabled country, educated population, hard working class people strong cultural and traditional histories, the essential ingredients, a country needs is satisfied then why and where is India lacking why is it still at a point of breaking news?

Its now I welcome into the topic. Even though everything is satisfied, the strong line of dramas , never ending soap operas and repetition movies are the main motivation for many people from past to present. This field is known as a penetrative mode which impacts either positively or negatively in their lives. Some even die if they loose their favorite drama character, for many these characters are inspiration or real life role model.

Instead of practical reality many are dragged into imaginary events or a utopian version of life. Even though there are loopholes in the governing laws yet, the laws are adequate enough to impose a limitation to daylight crimes but unfortunately life is never seen behind the screens or limelight.

In reality is it even possible to bring a dead human back to life. Never! But indian serials can definitely bring back alive to please it audience. And even these characters are children from other mothers and they come from different states different cultures yet they perform something which is completely out of their boundaries.

The movies or these dramas they take upto such an extent where a mother and child are closer than , that the child eventually talks the crap out of his/her mother, the child looses the moral standard and respect for the mother and recalls it as the modern version of respect. eventhough we are taught by nature to love our mothers unconditionally we set limits and boundaries, either they are too frank or too personal. Ultimately this beautiful pure relationship turns into a common joke.

So, what do these dramatists and dramatis personae intend to do? Well it is common to see in those soap operas even a woman living in a slum wears costly dresses and jewelries, and HD makeup who are luscious to look at. This shows that its only a platform to promote stores and etc. the action movies tries to create an imaginery hero doing impossible things as possible and saving the community whilst in reality those heroes are all held by wires similar to a puppet. The majority of men in these dramas act violently against women and torture them psychologically thus educating ordinary men with new techniques to use culture as a weapon to torture women. Suicide and acid attacks have increased and has become an easy and justiciable act , even though the main woman leading role is  courageous what counts is the side dishes, the taste provided by other evil characters. It also promotes human mind to plot against its own loved ones, revenge seems peaceful than forgiveness, raping a woman and then marrying her is like a man’s sacrifice, divorcing and remarrying is a continuing process you don’t like this marriage then you don’t have  to bother anymore, extra marital affairs are very healthy attributes of human life, the in laws are always cruel, selfish and jealous,  eve teasing is important to prove you are a senior, the mother in laws are always in dispute with daughter in laws, Premas or Praveenas divorcing as if it’s a game of monopoly and intimate relationships’ can even be viewed by youngsters. Are these the ideologies we are in need of in the name of modernization? An utopian world full of lies, exaggeration and education of criminal activites, cultural aggression and full of filth termed as comedy!!

We victimize ourselves into such unrealities we are to be blamed we are the accused we are not corrupting only ourselves but also together we make a bad influence to the country’s social balance. We learn to do inhumane things. As late ex-president of Sri Lanka, J.R.Jayawardana told, “You have to be a master of Marxism, before criticizing it” I too have been  an admirer and great spectator of teledramas I understood its power only when I saw people making teledramas a part of their own lives, talk about death as if its easy, talk about a rape victim as if they know what it actually means to be.

In a country where wealthish teledrama or movie producers fake unreal extravagant marriages spending lavishly, many girls die each and every year because they do not have many to pay dowry it’s a shame, a father has to run day and night barefoot to save for his daughter’s wedding, another parent has to educate their children in the mouths of loan sharks by mortgaging their properties, a , brother has to work part time or leave abroad and spare his breakfast just to save enough for his family,  mother has to work as a maid to protect  her family from her drunkard husband. Are all these worth the sacrifice in the end?

It does not affect just the ordinary people alone but a class of hardworking humans, class of young children, class of innocent women who barely know self defense, it impacts the society in whole. If this continues yeah people will survive as they always have but, least as HUMANS! The ability to understand and the natural ability to love all becomes an influence of these teledramas, a race known as humans will dissolve from this earth.

Every person has a unique reality a unique story behind those sets, capture them , show people the struggles of life and teach how a son should protect women show the people that rape is a crime against humanity,  producers please stop making revenge characters and teach a battered woman that life goes on teach her how to protect herself. Go! capture realtime people and turn up their life stories into scripts they will blow up your viewers rating. Teach drunkards that they can never survive in a complex society because nobody cares if they are living nor dead. Teach a child that it is punishable to ill treat elders, teach state authorities their duties towards their citizens instead of giving them ideas on encountering and getting rid off human beings, warn men that touching a woman whose nobody to you is sexual molestation and a worse crime that deserves beating .

Finally, I’ve realized what makes a change. I’ve decided to stop mortgaging my brain. Acting a lie in front of cameras is the hardest thing. But to be honest Indian’s really do have the utmost talent in acting but then why not use it to benefit human lives.  Definitely soap operas and movies and the characters make an impact on its viewers then why not do a good to these innocent and honest viewers. Society in large will be ever grateful, instead of collapsing a family why not build a good one ,atleast the imitators would be worth enough!!

Amra Razik


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